Team 6 were really excited to receive their own musical instrument. Half of the class will be learning how to play the trumpet whilst the other half will learn how to play the trombone. They are looking forward to learning a new instrument and can’t wait to play in a performance at the end of… Read More

Team 6 took part in a workshop about radicalisation. They explored what stereotyping meant and how certain groups can be unfairly mistreated because of certain stereotypes. They looked at how stereotypes are formed, and in particular, looked at how the internet and media play a huge role in shaping them. They also learned how people’s… Read More

Team 6 had a visitor from the charity group ‘Just Enough U.K’ to learn about modern slavery. They acted out certain scenarios and looked at examples to deepen their understanding of what modern slavery is. All the children believed that the workshop helped raise awareness of modern slavery.  After the workshop was over, the children… Read More

I hope you all had a fabulous summer holiday.  I am very excited to teach this year’s Team 6 and know we have an excellent year ahead. I look forward to blogging some of Team 6’s wonderful learning and special moments. Watch this space!… Read More