Team 6 went to the pantomime to watch Dick Whittington and absolutely loved it. They were singing along, booing at the baddies and laughing at all the funny jokes. Some of the children had never been to the pantomime before and enjoyed its eccentricity.… Read More

Team 6 went on an exciting trip to Pizza Express, where they made their very own pizza. They learned about where the ingredients came from and then worked out the proportions and amounts needed for their recipe.  … Read More

Team 6 were very lucky and had a visitor from Amazon’s Coding Team, who helped the children write codes to program the echo device Alexa. Each group devised  a question and then programmed Alexa to respond with the correct answer. The children took in turns to work with the coding expert whilst other groups undertook coding… Read More

To immerse the children into their new ‘Evolution’ topic, Team 6 went on a trip to Kew Gardens. They took part in a workshop where they learned about the evolution of plants.… Read More

Team 6 researched various Mayan beliefs using various secondary sources. They presented their research on Microsoft Publisher and made an information poster.  … Read More

Team 6 spent a week learning about electric circuits. They investigated how to change the brightness of a light bulb and drew circuits using the correct symbols.… Read More