It has been yet another fantastic week in Team 6 – Pupils in school have been so focussed and engaged in their learning, even though it has been very hot in the classroom!

We have enjoyed revisiting more of our geography learning this week – and even got to see some lava rock from Mount Etna! We are almost ready to begin drafting our letters to our secondary schools too.

Star of the week


Our star of the week this week it Alex, who is completing all of his learning at home. He is focussed, engaged, motivated and enthusiastic about all of his learning, and is completing it to such a good standard – we are very proud of you.

Team 6 really enjoyed celebrating his achievement in our virtual catch up on Teams – it was so lovely to congratulate you and see your face on our interactive whiteboard!


Also deserving of a shout out this week is Olivia, who has shown a real love of reading and a determination to improve her English learning by listening carefully and magpieing great ideas from our models of excellence.

Alejandra continues to be focussed and determined to take every opportunity to improve her knowledge and learning by responding to feedback, asking questions and editing her learning.

Dylan has overcome challenges with his maths learning this week, and has shown a growth mindset – asking questions, reflecting on his learning and giving it a go, as a result he is much more confident with algebra now!


As always, you can find the learning for next week on our Team 6 Sway page here.


Have a lovely, safe and enjoyable weekend!