Team 6 have had another busy week completing transition activities both in school and at home!

Those in school have spent lots of time re-drafting their letters to their new secondary schools. Here is Dylan’s final draft which he will publish and send next week:


In preparation for secondary , Team 6 have been discussing healthy eating and how to manage their money at lunch.

An unexpected learning opportunity arose when Team 6 questioned what an ‘egg & cress sandwich’ was…

This led to them creating their own Cress Heads with Mrs Berry! We hope that by next week our characters will start growing some ‘cress hair’ so we can see exactly what cress is.

When it grows long enough; Team 6 will be able to give their creature a haircut and have some of the cress they have grown in salad or an egg sandwich!


For PSHE this week, many of Team 6 reflected on what they are grateful for. Here are some of the comments shared from those learning at home:

“I am grateful for having such nice siblings.” – Nawal, Team 6

“I am grateful for my teachers taking time to help my learning during this pandemic.” – Razan, Team 6

“Being together with my parents.” – Alex, Team 6

“I am grateful for being able to do and have things that other people might not have and I am so grateful that I am able to go school and learn.” – Elina, Team 6

“I am grateful for my Mum and Dad buying me and George a new PS4 during lockdown and looking after us as much as possible.” – Harvey, Team 6

Mrs Berry and myself are both very thankful to have such a hard working class who continue to demonstrate our Langford learning muscles – we are very proud of all of you!

Next week’s learning:

You can find the home learning for Team 6’s penultimate week here:

Go to this Sway

Have a lovely weekend!