Next Week…. The Final Week of School!

The learning and activities for next week can be found here:

We will hold a Virtual Leavers Assembly on Friday for all of those in school and at home. Details will be sent out by email to your parents.

The weeks keep racing by! We have been enjoying our learning and final weeks in school together with some great activities and discussions.

Shout Outs

Our Star of the Week this week is Olivia, who has always shown a positive attitude this week. It has been lovely to see her smiley face and receive happy greeting from her each morning! Olivia has been motivated and focussed with her learning this week and has tried so hard to improve her learning by reflecting on it and listening to any feedback she is given. Well done Olivia!

Alejandra, who has, as always displayed a brilliant attitude to learning and has published her letter to her Year 7 teacher to a fantastic standard

Valentin, who continues to challenge himself and has shown a real enthusiasm in Science this week.

Alex who has continued to send scanned copies of his learning every day and sent by email.


In other news…

After a worrying start, our class Cress Heads have begun to grow some hair! Unfortunately, this has not been without some injuries, and many of our characters have lost an eye or two, but we are really pleased with their hair growth and cannot wait to give them a haircut so that we can try our very own produce when the time comes!

Immersive learning this week….

In class this week we have been thinking about the circulatory system and keeping our bodies healthy (something we have already been discussing quite a lot in our PSHE and transition activities).

We have learnt about the purpose and function of the circulatory system, including the four chambers of the heart and their job, and about the components (the parts that make up) our blood! To represent this, we spent some time on a practical activity where we made our own representations!

Mike chopping strawberry laces to represent red blood cells, making sure they had a large surface area to collect the oxygen!

Olivia adding the red blood cells to the yellowy plasma

Leila has added the marshmallows to represent white blood cells and is just adding the last of her red blood cells

Chiara, adding sprinkles for platelets and  giving our model a shake to represent the blood flowing through our vessels!


Here is how we made our representations; you might want to try it at home (with an adult’s permission).

You will need:

  • A small water bottle or jar (with a lid)
  • Water
  • Yellow food colouring
  • Red strawberry laces
  • Marshmallows
  • Sprinkles


Here is Dylan’s account of what we used to represent each component, and the important role it plays: