The red poppy is a symbol of both Remembrance and hope for a peaceful future.  Last week, Team 6 created their own poppies in their first session with our art teacher. Today, we reflected on why we wear poppies and took part in a 2 minute silence to remember the sacrifices made in conflicts.… Read More

Team 6 thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Mayan civilisation this term. Last week, they evaluated their hieroglyphic stencils, which were created using inspiration from the Mayan number system and ancient artefacts. This week, they have been busy finishing their writing on how to play Pok-A-Tok. They even tested out their instructions today during break time. … Read More

Wow! There has been some beautiful handwriting displayed so far this year; We have already awarded eight pen licences in Team 6! Here are some examples of some of neat presentation from our new pen owners: Mya, Trae, Dylan, Zubair, Kamaris, Hamida, Clauvia & Bobby!… Read More

This week, Team 6 have been adding more to their Learning at Langford Booklets – discussing growth mindset and What Makes a Good Learner. They completed their first Pop Quiz on our new history topic: The Mayans! I can’t wait to see their progress over the coming weeks! Next week, we will begin to draft… Read More

Please find the video shared in our virtual leavers assembly today. Have a fantastic summer Team 6, it has been a pleasure teaching you all! Good luck when you start your secondary in September! … Read More

Music is a great way to enhance mindfulness, and can really help us to relax! Let’s have a throwback to the beginning of the year when Team 6 learnt how to read music and play a brass instrument… If the weather continues to be rainy this Saturday, why not attend a LIVE classical music performance from… Read More

Team 6 have had another busy week completing transition activities both in school and at home! Those in school have spent lots of time re-drafting their letters to their new secondary schools. Here is Dylan’s final draft which he will publish and send next week:   In preparation for secondary , Team 6 have been… Read More

What are Team 6 grateful for? It is important to be grateful so we never take things for granted. Being grateful helps us to see all of the wonderful things we have in our lives and helps us to be happy. It also helps us to have optimism and keep a positive attitude. Being grateful… Read More

The art you could see on our featured image today is by Artist Yayoi Kusama, who once said, ‘I hope that the power of art can make the world more peaceful.’ But in today’s busy modern world, we don’t always make enough time for ourselves or to see art. Since April, many famous artists have… Read More

We have shared resources and videos in the past with tips on how to stay safe online. You can access more resources by clicking here. Although there are many videos about online safety, now there’s a chance to help create one of your own! The Childnet Film Competition is open to all young people based in… Read More