We have had another exciting, intergalactic week in Team Reception! We have loved seeing the children so engaged in our space topic and we are excited to see this continued in to next week.

As you know, last week we were reading the story, The man on the Moon (A day in the life of Bob). This week we have been working on retelling the story and changing it to make it our own version. The children in Team RB turned Bob in to the man on Planet Placinit! Have a look at the picture of our story map here:

In maths we have been continuing to look at numbers beyond 10. We have been looking for patterns in numbers and looking at how the 1 in 12 represents 10 as well as other numbers before 20. The children have also been filling in missing numbers on number lines and representing numbers using numicon and tens frames.

In our wider curriculum lessons we have been talking about the first two men on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. We really enjoyed watching Apollo II’s launch in to space!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!