We have had a brilliant time continuing to learn all about our seaside topic! We have continued learning all about the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’, this week we have adapted and changed the story and the children have been busy planning their own stories. We have had some fantastic ideas for how to stop the seagulls from plastic apples to fire tornados.

We have been spotting signs of summer in our outdoor area, noticing the green leaves, the insects and one some days the sun in the sky. We have been very busy constructing a boat in our outdoor construction area and setting sail across the ocean. We have enjoyed creating fish using paper plates and we have created an interactive display so the children can see their fantastic creations. We have been really enjoying role play in our lighthouse and been busy counting pebbles and shells at our beach!

In our maths learning we have been exploring even and odd numbers, the children have been busy finding out whether a number is even or odd, by seeing if they can split it into two equal parts.

We look forward to starting our next story about the seaside next week!

Have a lovely weekend.