We have had a brilliant week in Team Reception. We have introduced our second story for our Seaside topic, ‘Sally and the Limpet’, and the children have really enjoyed using the new language we have introduced. We have also enjoyed writing stories using characters and settings from past stories we have read.

The children decided that they wanted an ice cream shop in our outdoor area, so we have set up shop, ready to sell ice creams and then we have loved pretending to be at the beach eating ice cream.

We have been learning how to halve in our math’s learning, and the children have been excellent at explaining how they know how to halve, using their previous learning all about evens and odds.

We have had a focus on looking after sea animals and thinking of ways to protect them, so we have been busy learning about recycling and making recycling poster. After that, we have painted the sea animals that we know we need to help.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward for another week of fantastic learning!